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The end of Poison Cocktail Medicine is Approaching

We are living in an interesting and exciting time. For decades, excellent and well-paid PR work ensured that confidence in the extremely expensive chemical patent medicine was strengthened. Thunderstruck, natural remedies disappeared from the market to the same extent as all kinds of knowledge about them. After all, there was only real money for research with patentable toxins. Naturally occurring remedies, on the other hand, which are not patentable, have been successfully supplanted.

That’s how an unrestrained market economy works. When in doubt, this is also how research works, because if science doesn’t get any money for its projects, it simply doesn’t take place.

Apparently, an insight that has somehow fallen behind. Ergo, in this area, it is not necessarily the healthy spirit of research that sets the direction, but rather the despicable mammon. The results turn out accordingly.

They must first satisfy entrepreneurial interests, only then does human well-being follow. With further, very expensive PR, this little petitesse is artfully twisted so that nobody notices, and everything looks as if one actually wants to do something good for mankind.

The industry is pursuing other goals

Due to the influence of the “Pharmafia” something like this can quickly find its way into politics. The hemp plant is the best example from the last century. Of course, there are a number of other nice names for it among connoisseurs. Many people also know them in connection with the term CBD. In itself, hemp is an ancient crop that was primarily valued for its fiber, namely hemp.

That’s why it was considered a “strategic plant” until the cotton hype, which was banned in Germany after the war, for example under the pretext of “essential to the war effort”. In addition, it is extremely undemanding and an ingenious soil improver. And by the way, it is a first-class medicinal plant that has a lot to offer.

If you look at the history of hemp from the above aspects, it quickly becomes clear why there were such massive interests, keyword lobbyism, to suppress them by any means necessary. Politically, the story was then accompanied by the fact that it was actually a drug plant. And indeed she is. Only remedies are often nothing more than drugs.

Only, as already mentioned above, more money can be made with synthetic drugs because they are patentable. Slowly but surely, some scientists are coming back to the natural, unique, and sometimes synthetically inimitable abilities not only of this plant.

The way back to nature

Ironically, the ongoing corona pandemic can and will now prove to be the necessary breakwater to increasingly shift the focus back to naturally occurring remedies. The pharmaceutical industry is in the process of finally gambling away its reputation.

Here is just one example of what you will have to fight against in the future: “This is not a vaccination but a prophylactic gene therapy”. Such alarming indications can still be largely hidden via the purchased media. Even the well-paid (bought) fact-checkers can hardly counter it without making a fool of themselves.

Times are changing and many people are becoming more aware. The insight is gaining ground that “mother nature” is the better authority, as far as one’s own health is concerned.

Under certain circumstances, the pharmaceuticals have now exaggerated too much, wanting to vaccinate 7 billion people with their desire and, if possible, repeat the same stall magic every year. That’s sort of the last and final blow you’re trying to strike at nature just to keep up commerce. The dangers arising from this should not be underestimated

The change is coming, but differently than planned

Let’s leave the gloomy scenario behind us and trust that not only knowledge will prevail, but also humanity. Despite all efforts to suppress natural medicine, we will not succeed.

The looming corona fiasco will only strengthen this trend. With regard to the hemp plant mentioned, and there are countless other medicinal plants, a legal market is already developing here in which all kinds of products can be freely purchased. Whether CBD oil, English CBD Oil or CBD Flower and many more varieties. So far, unfortunately, only in the rarest of cases a case for the health insurance company, but at least you can get a lot there. Let’s just look forward to the new age and that the old protagonists sort themselves out on their own. Sure, that’s still very difficult for many people. The spiritual bars of the mental prison in which one has allowed oneself to be imprisoned are still too tight. By the way, you don’t even have to be stoned to get such a revolutionary perspective. It is enough to consistently avoid the mainstream (print, digital, and TV). Instead, keep an eye out for the harbingers of this change yourself. They are indeed unmissable… for those who really get their knots ripped open. And in a few years, that will also include a completely outdated healthcare system that will move much closer to nature again.

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