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How to Find the Best Online Reputation Management Company for Your Business?

With so many different online reputation management companies to consider, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

Not all of these are ideal for your business. The methodology below will help you narrow your focus to just one or two top options based on your exact needs.

Ethical Procedures and Methods

When it comes to increasing your brand’s reputation and exposure online, there are two ways to do it – the ethical way and… the less ethical way.

Ethical methods are techniques to increase a brand’s reputation through actions such as social media monitoring, positive review management, and SEO content creation. Generally, these are proactive ways to respond directly to customers and post more information that highlights the positive attributes of your business.

Of course, we have only selected online reputation management services that follow these ethical methods.

But you have to know how to spot the bad actors out there. These are the players who end up doing more harm than good by being aggressive and dodgy when describing how they will improve your reputation.

Unethical techniques include things like trying to “fool” search engine results with keyword stuffing and link farming. They might even say they will threaten negative reviewers or force them to remove their reviews.

It’s an odd twist, but the online reputation management company’s reputation is also very important. You don’t want to go with one who resorts to shady methods to “boost” your reputation.

To ensure their methods are correct, ask specifically about their tactics and see how transparent they are with an answer. This brings us to our next consideration.

Highest level of transparency

Make sure you know exactly what your ORM company is getting you.

Are their methods and techniques clear and evident to you? Do they leave you with more questions than answers after viewing their offerings or getting a consultation?

When a service is reticent about exactly how it will work to improve your online reputation, that’s a red flag.

Improving a company’s online reputation isn’t some mysterious or magical mumbo-jumbo. It takes real work to do measurable and verifiable things. And a reputable ORM should be able to explain these things clearly and concisely.

If your reputation management service can’t explain the “what” and “how” of their job to you, you’re better off finding someone who can.

All of the services we have selected in this list provide clear information on how they will work with you to achieve your reputation goals. MagFellow, WebiMax, and TheHoth, in particular, go the extra mile to show just how much they can do for you.

Channel-Specific Solutions

Every company has its own unique strategy to improve your company’s online reputation. The nature of your business and your current reputation will determine the best option for you.

A startup with no online presence does not need the same online reputation management strategy as a well-established brand that has just received negative publicity. The same goes for your specific industry and services (more on that later).

For example, Go Fish Digital is great for Yelp reviews. This is perfect for businesses like restaurants and auto services that rely on Yelp as their primary reputation driver.

Podium uses omnichannel customer messages on social channels like Facebook to create positive reviews. This is great for service-based industries and others who have existing and potential customers contacting them on a variety of platforms.

SEO Image focuses on – you guessed it – search engine optimization and getting a good ranking on Google. If this is your primary means of customer acquisition, chances are you will love working with them.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Look for an online reputation management company that has experience working with similar brands. Some companies specialize in B2B or enterprise organizations, while others are best suited for small businesses.

There are online reputation services for specific industries that rely heavily on customer reviews, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and automotive brands. Find a reputation manager that offers a solution for your type of business because they know this industry well.

For example, works across 77 different industries – but they specialize in automotive, healthcare, retail, property management, hospitality, financial services, and senior living. If your business falls into any of these categories, I cannot recommend enough.

WebiMax offers you a free reputation analysis before you even sign up for their service. This report explains exactly the schedule they will work with you on, data on your negative and positive content online, and a customized quote.

If you are a small town business, MagFellow is a great Content Marketing agency. They will help your rank well on searches in your area.

The top online reputation management services at a glance

Whether you are a startup that needs to build a reputation from scratch or an existing business that needs to repair a damaged brand image, online reputation management services have you covered. The best online reputation management service is WebiMax. However, there are many other great options like,, to consider for managing negative reviews, renaming your business, or repairing your personal brand image online.

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