Growth Strategy with Company Website and Best Practices

With the recent technological trends and rise in competition, you should always look for avenues for growth. A solid growth strategy for your Airbnb management company comes in handy to promote efficiency and keep you ahead of competitors. Here are ways to use your website and implement best practices to grow your company.

Company’s Website

A major part of your Airbnb success is attributed to your website’s effectiveness and user-friendliness. The two important website sections that your visitors frequent are the home page and product page. Read on the must-have features for your home page and product page.

Your Home Page

One of your home page elements is the booking form, which is a quick way for your customers to find information. The form outlines what your website offers, for instance, magnificent homes and experiences. So. make your forms simple and only relay the bare minimum to avoid an information overload.

You can’t have a home page with words and elements but lack images. Images reflect the nature of your services and attract customers to explore more of your pages. However, as wonderful as they may be, your images shouldn’t interfere with your website’s functionality. For example, don’t place your image to obstruct the navigation bar at the top. Otherwise, your visitors won’t find your search option easily.

Your Product Page

Whereas your Airbnb offers services instead of products, your property page is the closest thing to a product. Even though you don’t own the properties you promote, you have significant control over the layout that attracts customers. For example, photographs are an essential attraction feature, and how you present the pictures can convert a prospect into a customer.

Other than the images, your product page should display top-level information that customers would want to know at a glance. For example, the location, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, guests, and the price. Then, have a scroll-down menu or link with detailed information so that you don’t clutter the sections.

Best Practices

The most efficient guidelines and ethics go a long way to improve your services and customer experience. Set a framework that you and your employees should follow to reach your company’s goals. Below are two ways to integrate best practices into your company.

Implement The 7P’s Marketing Strategy

The marketing mix consists of 7P’s; with which you boost customers’ reach. The said P’s are discussed below.

  • Product. The intangible experiential product that you offer your customers translates to services in the case of Airbnbs. Provide a wide range of services to give your customers different options.
  • Price. The value of your service or experiential product. Your customers should feel that the money spent is worth the services received.
  • Place. The location where your residences are listed. Offer serene and safe environments conducive for getaways, holidays, conferences, etc. That way, you don’t limit your customers’ experience.
  • Promotions. Words that compare your customers’ experiences against descriptions on the website. Don’t give or post false information to attract customers. Instead, be genuine with your services to manage your client’s expectations and avoid frustrations.
  • Physical Evidence. The tangible aspects of your experiential product, like the physical properties of your facilities. Tangible aspects include flowers, size of the bathrooms, kitchen equipment, etc.
  • Processes. Let your processes be smooth and less complicated. Any technicalities in the process discourage customers who could leave halfway to look for an easier option.
  • People. Have a list of best practices and train your employees on the best way to handle clients.

Embrace Content Marketing

Efficient content marketing is a crucial way to attract customers and maintain consistency. Create and share relevant content to attract and retain an audience. Content that resonates with your target customers drives leads and improves conversion rates.

A suitable way to create marketing content is to run a blog on your website. To increase the number of leads, optimize your blog with search engines. The higher the number of optimized posts, the higher the number of new visitors interested in your services. You can check with MagFellow for your content marketing needs.

Offer a Local Experience

Many customers who look for Airbnb want to have a local destination experience. Create a unique experience that lets your customers feel at home, away from home. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of your customer’s needs and meet the said needs in the best way you can. For example, you could put a feedback strategy in place and use the information to create a better experience.

Primarily, everyone wants to pay for worthwhile servicesSo, sell experiences that let your customers enjoy every bit of your services. For instance, easy access to transport and leisure activities.


As time changes, so do ways to do business and customer expectations. As such, you can’t always do business the same way. To offer the best Airbnb services, stay updated on trends, and utilize all possible opportunities to grow. Implement the above strategies to boost your efficiency and overall performance.

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