Awards for Volunteer Commitment

In the district of Coesfeld (a City in Germany), honorary awards were given to people who do voluntary work alongside their job. But why is volunteering so good and why can it have a positive impact on your life?

Volunteer work is work that is done on a voluntary basis and does not involve any financial compensation. There are now many volunteer organizations around the world where you can work for room and board. You make your manpower and experience available – you will be fed and given a place to stay. Sometimes you can get a nice bonus for volunteering, e.g. B. a ticket to a music concert or “time credits” – an hour for various activities such as swimming or learning a foreign language. Some make volunteering a way of life, earning a little pocket money, and commuting to cheese farms, construction sites, and schools where local children are learning English. Even the German Red Cross has more than 400,000 volunteers. So it’s worth not devoting a free evening to betting sites or another hobby, but to doing something on a voluntary basis. But where do you start?


First, you have to dream and honestly ask yourself what you want: working for free in a job you don’t like is a dubious idea. Perhaps as a child, you dreamed of becoming a clown and pleasing children? Or were you always interested in social work?

If working in the field is not your thing, you can try your hand at creative projects such as B. in museums and foreign festivals – music and film – and collaborate on other projects. If you’re not the only volunteer on a project, be prepared to interact a lot with each other – with all kinds of people. In eco-settlements, for example, you come across people who have worked in large companies and traded office and human resources for cheese production in the countryside, retirees who don’t want to spend their days in four walls in a noisy city, and students who alternative ways of life, single mothers who want to raise their children in harmony with nature, or simply perpetual travelers moving from one project to the next. You can see for yourself how many different ways of life there are on this planet.

Of course, working with the refugees is very important. You can collect donations or help the refugees with their integration. If you have to work on the land or take care of animals, you should be prepared for physical exertion. Gathering hay or brushwood, digging up soil, and maintaining paths in national parks are not the easiest of activities, but they are very rewarding, above all, the results of the work are immediately visible and one has the feeling of contributing to a positive change to have. Don’t forget to do some stretching exercises.


Be willing to learn something new about yourself. Perhaps one day you will find out that you would like to do an apprenticeship in the field of social work or work in a kindergarten. Or do you enjoy milking cows and washing your face in a mountain stream in the morning; maybe you want to be an oceanologist, polar explorer, agronomist, or construction worker; or do you want to study the sea or a foreign language? You can’t gain this knowledge about yourself just by reading books about a job and dreaming about a job change.

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