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8 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning at the Casino

Many people rely on luck to win at the casino – which isn’t entirely wrong. Like everyone else, you still stand a chance of winning the grand prize or taking home a bonus.

However, statistics show that you stand an even better chance of winning if you craft and implement a winning strategy. Indeed, the majority of players who regularly win prizes are dedicated pros with well-thought strategies who stick to their plans.

You, too, should adopt the same approach. The following are eight expert strategies that instantly boost your odds of winning;

Familiarize with the house rules 

The first and perhaps most important tip when playing any casino is to learn the rules of the game. Although many casino games are fairly easy to play once you grasp the basics, you can only take full advantage of house perks when you understand the nitty-gritty of the game and casino house.

For instance, blackjack is easy to play. The rules are pretty obvious. But, you’re even more likely to win when you understand that you can double your stake at certain points throughout the game.

Choose the best game 

A common mistake casino players make is playing the first game they come across or the one they’re most excited about. Granted, you should also play a game you understand well. But when playing to win, you need to go beyond excitement.

Generally, the best casino games are the simplest on the list, with the lowest house edge. The house edge is the mathematical advantage the commercial gambling venue has over the player. A lower house edge means the player has a better chance of winning.

Find a game that pays well

Casinos merely offer slight variations of the same games. However, one thing is always different – the payouts. For instance, whereas some casinos offer 3:2 pay for a natural blackjack, others only pay 6:5.

The higher payout effectively gives you a bigger edge on the house. It gives you a statistically higher chance of winning. So, it’s another opportunity to maximize your chances of a win.

Learn when to start

Some people think that any time is a good time to play casino games. Well, that’s not exactly true. While you’re free to start playing whenever you want, timing your entry can have a big impact on your chances or odds of winning.

For instance, the best time to enter video poker is when the progressive jackpot is large enough. This way, you end up paying less for a bigger potential win.

Cut the house edge by half 

We mentioned the need to choose a game with a lower house edge earlier. You stand an even better chance of winning if you can cut the house edge by half. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll win. But it doubles your chances of winning, meaning the house has to work extra hard to earn your money.

An excellent tip here is to keep an eye out for strategy cards for games like blackjack. Many casino houses sell such cards as they still retain a small edge on the player.

Don’t chase losses 

You lose the game the moment you begin to bet emotionally rather than rationally. For this reason, never chase your losses. Don’t enter a new draw or start a new game simply because you lost the previous one. You risk entering a rabbit hole that can prove extremely costly in the end.

Expert gamblers call it “tilting.” Never lose your mind. Instead, stick to your strategy. If you lose, accept it and move on – in strict adherence to your strategy.

Spend less, play more

The idea is to spend as little as you can while playing as many games as possible. So, how’s that possible? You can consider various strategies. For instance, what about lowering your stakes? Instead of paying $20 slot spins, start playing $1 spins.

Another strategy is to accumulate bonuses and high roller rewards and use these free rewards/bonuses to play instead of playing with your hard-earned cash.

Learn advanced game hacks 

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what separates gambling professionals from amateurs, it’s an advanced game skill. Everyone can play casino games the standard way. But experts go an extra mile to learn “shortcuts” and advanced strategies to hack a win.

For instance, you might have heard about card counting. Card counting isn’t entirely illegal. In fact, the majority of successful casino players depend on it to rake in profits. You can try it too without breaking the law.


You now know how to boost your odds of winning. But, feel free to seek out additional advice even from experienced gamers on your quest to beat the house.

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